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Professor Brainstorm currently has 6 science shows available:

The Magical Science Show

The Exploding Science Show

The Fantastic Forces Show

The Amazing Sound and Light Show

Year 6 Science Show (aka the SAT Science Revision Show)

Mission to Mars Show

Each show:

lasts approximately one hour

(shows for very young pupils, e.g. Reception age, will usually be a bit shorter)

is suitable for groups of 40 to 100 pupils

(larger groups can be catered for on request - and an additional fee is charged)

The shows are mainly aimed at Primary age children (i.e. Reception to Year 6, or P1 to P6 in Scotland).
More specific age-related information is provided below for each show.
The content of shows is adjusted according to age of pupils.
Mixed age audiences are not a problem.

All you need to provide are a couple of large tables (and a school hall!)

Effective learning:
These shows are more than just a few `gee-whizz' experiments.
I get the pupils involved with the show by (a) getting them to help with the experiments, and (b) challenging them to explain how the experiments work. (I am constantly amazed by some of the answers - even from very young pupils.)
I also provide an information leaflet for teachers - which gives more details of the experiments and some ideas for follow-up activities.
Children really do remember what they have seen in my shows - and (more importantly) they remember how the experiments work!

Professor Brainstorm's Magical Science Show

Ideal for Reception to Year 6
(P1 - P7 in Scotland)

Professor Brainstorm - and some helpers from the audience -
perform many exciting, puzzling and fascinating experiments.

It looks like magic -
even Harry Potter gets to lend a hand!
- but everything is carefully explained using science.

The show is designed to
stimulate, entertain and educate -
and to convey the message that

Professor Brainstorm's Exploding Science Show

Designed specifically for Year 5 to Year 7
(P6, P7, S1 in Scotland)

Just what you need to get your
Year 5, 6 and 7 pupils
enthusiastic about science.

The show is a mixture of experiments from the
Magical Science Show and the Fantastic Forces Show
- the bits which are most relevant to this older age group -
plus a few additional experiments.

Includes fun with liquid nitrogen,
Professor Braintorm's legendary potato cannon -
and of course a few bangs!

Professor Brainstorm's Fantastic Forces Show

Suitable for Reception to Year 6
(P1 - P7 in Scotland)

Professor Brainstorm (and his young assistants)
perform experiments which investigate a wide range of forces - including
(depending on the age of the pupils)
pulls, pushes, friction, gravity, magnetism balanced and unbalanced forces
and air resistance.
Some of the experiments will amaze you, some will make you laugh
and all of them provide examples of forces in action.

A stimulating experience for pupils - and teachers!

Warning for those sensitive to loud noises -
there are a few bangs (such as balloons bursting) in this show.

Professor Brainstorm's Amazing Sound and Light Show

Ideal for Reception to Year 4*
(P1 - P5* in Scotland)

The pupils get lots of opportunities to take
part in this show as we investigate a range of
wierd and wonderful instruments - including
a hosepipe clarinet, a thunder drum,
and some laughing chickens!

Depending on the age of the audience the
light part of the show can include
making a rainbow, coloured shadows
and investigating how we see things
(using optical illusions and lenses ).

This is a great show for really young audiences as there are no loud bangs
and there is more audience participation than in most of the other shows.

* I have performed this show on many occasions for slightly older pupils (i.e. Yrs5/6, P6/7). In the majority of cases I have had very enthusiastic feedback, but in a few instances teachers have reported that they thought the level was too low for this age group. I am more than happy to perform the show for this age group if that is what you want! Alternatively, the Year 6 Science Show includes about 15-20 mins of sound experiments.

Professor Brainstorm's Year 6 Science Show
Previously known as the SAT Science Revision Show

Specifically for Year 5 and Year 6
(P6 - P7 in Scotland)

Originally designed to help pupils with their
KS2 SAT Science revision, this is still a
useful show as it covers all of the
main physical science topics in KS2 - including:
Forces - gravity, friction and air resistance
Properties of Materials - changing state, reversible / irreversible change
Electricity - circuits, conductors and insulators
Sound - vibrations, loudness and pitch.

Professor Brainstorm's Mission to Mars Show

Aimed at Year 3* to Year 6
(P4*-P7 in Scotland)
* Can be adjusted for younger audiences on request.

The show starts with the preparation for
the mission - finding out how far it is to Mars,
and trying out some Space Food.

We prepare for blast off with some fun indoor rockets -
and then discover what it is like on the surface of Mars -
and why astronauts need to wear a spacesuit.

Great fun for all your budding astronauts.

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