Professor Brainstorm's Science Shows
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Professor Brainstorm's Science Festival Shows

Professor Brainstorm has performed shows for a number of Science Festivals and other science events, including:

The Royal Institution; Aberdeen TechFest; Newcastle Science Festival;
Bedworth Science Festival; Hawick Science Festival; Caithness Science Festival;
Yorkshire Museum; Oban Winter Festival; SETPOINT North East;
Discovery Museum (Newcastle) Teesside University METEOR Summer School; St Colme Family Day.

Professor Brainstorm's events for science festivals provide:

Professional, educational and entertaining presentations;

A wide range of topics (see below for more details);

Shows tailored to last as long as you require - between 20 minutes and 1 hour;

Experienced timekeeping - so the shows finish at the pre-arranged time.

The shows are suitable for school groups (ages 5 to 11) or family audiences.

Science Festival Shows

Professor Brainstorm's Magical Science Show
(20-60 mins)

Professor Brainstorm - and some helpers from the audience -
perform some exciting, puzzling and fascinating experiments.

It looks like magic, but everything is carefully explained using science.

Professor Brainstorm's Exploding Science Show
(20-60 mins)

Fun with liquid nitrogen,
Professor Brainstorm's legendary potato cannon,
and of course a few bangs!.

Sounds Like Fun
(20-40 mins)

Strange sounds from some crazy instruments.
Lots of audience participation too.

Funtastic Forces
(20-60 mins)

This show investigates a wide range of forces - including
friction, gravity, magnetism and air resistance.

A surprising and stimulating experience -
for children and adults!

Professor Brainstorm's Totally Cool Show
(15-30 mins)

All the usual fun with liquid nitrogen -
all done in Professor Brainstorm's unique style!

Can also include making
edible Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

How Much does it Cost?

As a rough guide, my basic rate is typically £ 450 per day, plus travel and accommodation expenses (if required).

In a typical day, Professor Brainstorm can perform TWO x 1 hour shows,
THREE x 40 minute shows, or FOUR x 30 minute shows
(or any combination of shows with a total performance time of about 2 hours).

For venues within about 100 miles of my home (Morpeth, Northumberland) I can offer part-day rates.

For a more accurate price, please contact me for a quote (see below)..

How to Contact Professor Brainstorm

To book a show, get a quote, check availability or if you simply want to find out more information,
please contact Rick Turton (aka Professor Brainstorm):

Phone: 01670 515944 or 07950 244673
(from outside UK: +44 1670 515944 or +44 7950 244673)


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