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INSET / CPD - Professor Brainstorm's Classroom Science Activities
Science Fun For Teachers Too!

Looking for new ideas for practical science activities which you can do in the classroom?

Professor Brainstorm has lots of tried and tested science investigations which:

require no specialised equipment - everything is done with household items;

can be performed easily by small groups of pupils in the classroom;

covers most physical science topics - including Sound, Light, Materials, Forces, Electricity and Space.

The session is normally run as a one hour after-school activity, typically as part of a staff meeting.

I provide a detailed set of notes which explain how each of the experiments work. (The leaflet describes approximately 40 experiments - although in the actual session you will only get to try out about a dozen of these.)

The experiments demonstrated will be suitable for the age range of the pupils in the school, i.e. KS1 activities for an Infant school, KS2 for a Junior school, KS1 and KS2 for a Primary school. (I also have a small number of activities which are suitable for Foundation stage children.)

How much does it cost?
Please contact me for a quote if you are interested in booking an INSET activity, or if you have any other queries.

Note - for the cheapest rate, book a Professor Brainstorm INSET activity to coincide with other Professor Brainstorm shows in the school.

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