Professor Brainstorm's Science Roadshows - How Much Does It Cost?
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How Much Does A Show Cost?

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question. The cost of a show depends significantly on several factors
        Where you are in the country;
        What time of year you want the show;
        The size of the audience.
The only way to get an accurate price is to contact me for a quote.

To give you a rough idea, my basic rate is typically £ 450 per day, plus travel and (possibly) accommodation expenses.
For this rate you can have EITHER
        THREE standard shows (for audience sizes up to 100 pupils per show); OR
        TWO stage shows (for audience sizes of more than 100 pupils per show.
Each show typically lasts about an hour. (Although if you wish you can have four x 45 minute or five x 30 minute shows.)

Also - depending on where (and when) you want the show, it may be possible to book just one or two shows - and so the price will obviously be considerably cheaper!

Where is your school or venue?

I live in Northumberland, so if your venue is in this part of the country - anywhere from Teesside to the Borders and across to Carlisle - you do not have to pay the day rate. I will be happy to quote you a price for just one or two shows.

I also make regular visits to:
        the Manchester area - including Oldham, Rochdale, Salford and Stockport; and
        the South East - parts of Berks, Bucks, Hants, Herts and Surrey
You can book just one or two shows on the dates that I am in these areas - and the cost is also reduced because I spread the travel costs over the whole week.

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