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Space Food Experiment

Suitable for ages 4 to 13 years
Reception to Year 8 (P1 - S2)

There are two parts to this activity:

In Part 1 the children touch and taste the space food and make comparisons with ordinary food. (There is enough space food in the pack for everyone in the class to taste a small amount.)

In Part 2 the children rehydrate a few Space Strawberries - to determine what proportion of a normal strawberry is just water. (Different worksheets allow children of different ages and abilities to tackle this problem.)

The activity introduces pupils to:

Thinking about the practicalities of long distance space travel;

Why some foods are more suitable for space travel than others;

Why some foods last longer than others;

The amount of water in a strawberry.

Space Food Experiment Class Pack (Primary)   (S10C)   £40
Space Food Experiment Class Pack (KS3)   (K10C)   £40
plus £3 p+p if your total order value is less than £30.

The pack contains 3 packets of Space Ice Cream and 3 packets of Space Strawberries.
This should be sufficient for the whole class (up to 35 pupils) to try a little of each.
You can buy extra packets of Space Food for £3.50 each (see above).

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