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Professor Brainstorm's Amazing Science for Under 7s

A science pack designed specifically for children aged from 4 to 7
(Reception and Key Stage 1)   (Primary 1 to Primary 3 in Scotland)

8 great science activities, including:

Growing Alligator Experiment - A great introduction to measuring quantities and presenting the data in a visual format.

Make a Diver - A fun way to investigate sinking and floating. Children just love this experiment.

Water Jelly Cubes Experiment - A simply amazing experiment which exploring absorption and evaporation of water.

The Magic Ball - A fascinating puzzle - which also teaches children about sorting materials.

Colour Sensation - Instant colour mixing using the amazing Colour Splash tablets.

Amazing Science for Under 7s Multi-Experiment Pack   (M01)   £30
plus £3 p+p if your total order value is less than £30.

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Amazing Science for Under 7s - Contents

Worksheets - in a spiral bound book so that they can be easily photocopied. There is a worksheet to accompany most of the experiments - and in some cases there are different worksheets so that the same activty can be use with pupils of different age or ability.

Teacher Notes also in a spiral bound book. Detailed notes describe how to perform the experiment and how to use the worksheets. They also provide an in-depth discussion of the science behind the activity - and in many cases suggest further extensions to the activity.

CD ROM contains printable pdf versions of all the Worksheets and Teacher Notes.

1 packet of Colour Splash Tablets for use in the Colour Sensation Experiment. Contains approximately 100 tablets - enough to do the basic Colour Sensation experiment about 15 times.

1 x Growing Alligator - ideal for measuring changes in length and weight. (Can be re-used once or twice.)

1 small packet of Water Jelly Cubes - contains enough for about 3 experiments. (The cubes can be re-used several times.)

1 x Squidy Divers - a fun Cartesian diver.

Clear Plastic Jar and Bouncy Ball for use in the Magic Ball activity.

Samples of Worksheets and Teacher Notes

Growing Alligator - Teacher Notes

Melting Icebergs - Worksheets

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