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9 - 11 Years Science Club
for Years 5 and 6   (Primary 6 and 7)

18 cool experiments including the following:
Water Jelly Cubes,   Make a Submarine,   Make a Hovercraft,   Friction Pick Up,  
Colour Changing UV Wristband,   Sun Printing,   Turning Iron into Copper,   Defying Gravity,   Floor Walker,   Acid Rain,   Investigating Velcro,   Making Ice Cream, and  
Space Food Experiment.

The activities are arranged into SIX sessions - each of which lasts about 1 hour.

The price of a 9 - 11 Years Science Club pack depends on
the number of children in the science club:
8 children   (9C8)   £12.50 per child   Total price: £100
10 children   (9C10)   £12.00 per child   Total price: £120
12 children   (9C12)   £11.50 per child   Total price: £138
15 children   (9C15)   £11.00 per child   Total price: £165
20 children   (9C20)   £10.50 per child   Total price: £210
30 children   (9C30)   £10.00 per child   Total price: £300
If your desired 'number of children' is not listed above, please contact us for a quote.

If you wish to run the science club again, you will only need to purchase a Refill pack - which costs £85 and contains all the consumable items required for 10 children.
(i.e. the cost to run the club again is just £8.50 per child.)

As an example, the contents of the 9 - 11 years Science Club pack for 12 chidren includes:

3 x spiral-bound books with detailed notes and worksheets for each of the experiments;

1 x CD-ROM containing printable pdf files of all the teacher notes and worksheets;

enough Water Jelly Cubes for 13 experiments*;

13 x Make a Hovercraft kits*;

13 x Defying Gravity 12mm Magnets*;

4 x 8mm Magnets;

13 x Colour Changing UV Wristband components*;

26 x Sun Print sheets*;

13 x Make a Floor Walker components*;

4 x film canisters - for the Make a Submarine experiment;

4 x tealight candles - for the Fire Extinguisher experiment;

4 x large plastic screw-top jars - for use in the Investigating Velcro and Making Ice Cream activities;

4 x polycarbonate beakers - for use in the Friction Pick Up activity;

3 x packets of Space Strawberries - for tasting and for the Rehydrating Space Food experiment;

2 x packets of Space Ice Cream;

plus many assorted smaller items.

*Note that for each of the 'take home' activties there is one 'spare' copy - so you can try out each of the experiments before getting the children to do them.
(Packs for 20 or more children contain 2 'spare' copies.)

Professor Brainstorm's Science Shop - How to Buy

If you are ordering for a school in the UK:
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Or simply e-mail your order to
For deliveries to a UK school address we are happy to invoice the school, but if you wish to enclose a cheque, please make it payable to Professor Brainstorm Books
If you wish to pay by credit card:
Simply send an e-mail to with a list of the goods that you wish to order.
We will e-mail you back with a payment link which will take you to a secure payment server.
(Payments are taken via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use this method of payment.)
Postage is FREE (to addresses in mainland UK) for orders of £30 and over.
For orders under 30 there is a postage and packing fee of £3 (for UK addresses).
Note - there is no VAT to pay on any of these products.
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