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7 - 9 Years Science Club
for Years 3 and 4   (Primary 4 and 5)

18 fascinating experiments including the following:
Water Jelly Cubes,   Make a Submarine,   Make a Bouncy Ball,   Friction Pick Up,  
Balloon Bassoon,   Defying Gravity,   Floor Walker,   Investigating Velcro,  
Making Ice Cream, and   Space Food Experiment.

The activities are arranged into SIX sessions - each of which lasts about 1 hour.

The price of a 7 - 9 Years Science Club pack depends on
the number of children in the science club:
8 children   (7C8)   £10.00 per child   Total price: £80
10 children   (7C10)   £9.50 per child   Total price: £95
12 children   (7C12)   £9.00 per child   Total price: £108
15 children   (7C15)   £9.00 per child   Total price: £135
20 children   (7C20)   £8.00 per child   Total price: £160
30 children   (7C30)   £7.50 per child   Total price: £225
If your desired 'number of children' is not listed above, please contact us for a quote.

If you wish to run the science club again, you will only need to purchase a Refill pack - which costs £55 and contains all the consumable items required for 10 children.
(i.e. the cost to run the club again is just £5.50 per child.)

As an example, the contents of the 7 - 9 years Science Club pack for 12 chidren includes:

3 x spiral-bound books with detailed notes and worksheets for each of the experiments;

1 x CD-ROM containing printable pdf files of all the teacher notes and worksheets;

enough Water Jelly Cubes for 13 experiments*;

13 x sachets of Bouncy Ball Polymer*;

13 x Defying Gravity 12mm Magnets*;

4 x 8mm Magnets;

13 x Make a Floor Walker components*;

4 x film canisters - for the Make a Submarine experiment;

4 x large plastic screw-top jars - for use in the Investigating Velcro and Making Ice Cream activities;

4 x polycarbonate beakers - for use in the Friction Pick Up and Swimming Sultanas activity;

3 x packets of Space Strawberries - for tasting and for the Rehydrating Space Food experiment;

2 x packets of Space Ice Cream;

plus many assorted smaller items.

*Note that for each of the 'take home' activties there is one 'spare' copy - so you can try out each of the experiments before getting the children to do them.
(Packs for 20 or more children contain 2 'spare' copies.)

Professor Brainstorm's Science Shop - How to Buy

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