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Professor Brainstorm's Fun with Forces

Suitable for ages 5 to 11 years
especially Years 3 and 4   (Primary 4/5 in Scotland)

8 great Forces experiments, including:

Investigating Velcro - Find out how much you can lift with a small strip of hook-and-loop fastener.

Defying Gravity - An amazing experiment in which a paperclip is suspended in mid-air using a strong magnet.

Floor Walker - Investigate how energy is stored in an elastic band - and then slowly released to propel a crisp tube across the floor.

The Magic Flag - A classic magic trick is used to explore friction.

Investigating Gravity - A simple but dramatic way to explore gravity and air resistance.

Friction Pick Up - Find out how much you can lift using just friction. (You may be surprised!)

Fun With Forces Multi-Pack   (M02)   £30
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Fun with Forces - Contents

Worksheets - in a spiral bound book so that they can be easily photocopied. There is a worksheet to accompany most of the experiments - and in some cases there are different worksheets so that the same activty can be use with pupils of different age or ability.

Teacher Notes also in a spiral bound book. Detailed notes describe how to perform the experiment and how to use the worksheets. They also provide an in-depth discussion of the science behind the activity - and in many cases suggest further extensions to the activity.

CD ROM contains printable pdf versions of all the Worksheets and Teacher Notes.

1 pair of Strong Magnets. One magnet is stronger than the other. You will use both of these magnets in the Defying Gravity experiment, but by swapping the magnets between groups you can do two Defying Gravity experiments simulaneously.

Clear Plastic Jar with Screw Lid and Velcro Strips - for use in the Investigating Velcro experiment.

1 x Flag - for the Magic Flag experiment.

3 x Floor Walker Components - almost everything you need (except a crisp tube) to make your Floor Walker.

1 x Clear Polycarbonate Tumbler - for the Friction Pick Up experiment.

Samples of Worksheets and Teacher Notes

Defying Gravity - Teacher Notes

Investigating Velcro - Worksheets

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