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Professor Brainstorm’s

Home Science Experiments

This page contains some experiments that you can do at home whilst the schools are closed.

You won’t need any special equipment - just yogurt pots, Pringles tubes and other

bits and pieces that you can probably find easily at home.

The experiments are aimed at Primary age children (aged from 4 to 11 years)

Unlike some science experiments that you might find described on the Internet,

all of these experiments do actually work. (I have tried them all myself!)

This page is under development. I will be adding more experiments every few days -

so please keep checking back here on a regular basis.)


The Laughing Chicken

A fun Sound experiment

If you only have time to do one experiment,

make sure you do this one!

Suitable for Reception to Year 6

YouTube link

Exploding Pringles

A Chemical Change experiment

Find out how to make a crisp tube explode!

Aimed at Years 5 & 6 - but younger children

will enjoy it as well !

YouTube link

The Magic Ball

A Sorting experiment

A ‘magical’ sorting experiment for

young children

Aimed at Nursery to Year 2

 YouTube link

Pringles Floor Walker

A great Forces experiment

This experiment investigates Friction,

Motion and Energy.

Suitable for Year 1 to Year 6

YouTube link

Make a Diver

A Sinking & Floating experiment

Great fun for young children - and older

ones will be fascinated to find out how it works.

Suitable for Reception to Year 4

YouTube link

Vanishing Reflection

A Light experiment

A quick 5 minute experiment

investigating reflections

Suitable for Year 3 to Year 6


Superhearing & Homemade Stethoscope

Two Sound experiments

Investigating how sound travels from a

sound source to our ears

Suitable for Year 3 to Year 6


What’s in the Box?

A Light experiment

Investigating how we see things.

Suitable for Year 3 to Year 6


Investigating Gravity

A Forces experiment

A very quick - 2 minute - experiment,

with some surprising results!

Suitable for Year 3 to Year 6


How Strong is a Magnet?

A Forces experiment

A fun experiment to compare different magnets. You can also make this experiment into a game.

Suitable for Year 1 to Year 4


A True Reflection

A Light experiment

Investigating what happens when light reflects off a mirror - with some strange results!

Suitable for Year 3 to Year 6


Investigating Velcro

A Forces experiment

How much can you lift with a piece of Velcro? You can do this as an experiment - or as a game!

Suitable for Year 1 to Year 6


Make A Submarine

A Chemical Change experiment

Make a submarine which sinks to the bottom -

and then floats back up again. Amazing!

Suitable for Years 5 & 6


Acid Rain & The Bouncing Egg

Two Chemical Change experiments

If you like gooey yucky stuff, you will love

the Bouncing Egg experiment

Aimed at Years 5 & 6


Margarine Tub Boats

A Sinking & Floating experiment

How many pebbles can you add before the

boat sinks? You can make into a game.

Ideal for little ones - ages 4 to 7


Upside Down Reflections

A Light experiment

Investigating some strange reflections.

All you need is a large serving spoon!

Suitable for Year 3 to Year 6