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Professor Brainstorm has a range of food-related family shows ...
... you can choose to have one show performed several times in one day ...                                                        
                                                        .... or you can have a selection of two or more different shows on the same day.

Professor Brainstorm's
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Show

A spectacular family show with some
amazing Liquid Nitrogen experiments ...
... including making Ice Cream.

(And the audience gets to
eat the Ice Cream!)

The duration of the show can be varied
from 15-40 minutes
(to fit in with your timetable of events) ...

... or it can be performed in a
'street theatre' format,
i.e. on an ad-hoc basis, as and when
there is an audience.

Professor Brainstorm's
Exploding Science Show

A fast-paced show with plenty of drama,
explosions and audience participation.

Lots of food-related experiments -
including using a frozen banana to hammer in a nail
and Professor Brainstorm's legendary 'Potato Cannon'.

The duration of the show can be varied from 30-60 minutes
(to fit in with your timetable of events).

There is also an alternative version of this show -
The Magical Science Show
- without the loud bangs ...
...making it more suitable for younger audiences (ages 5-11 years).

Professor Brainstorm's
Space Food Show

Find out what astronauts eat in space - and taste some astronaut food*.

*Some volunteers from the audience will get to try the space food during the show,
but there will also be samples available so that everyone will get to taste a small sample of space food.

The show also includes some indoor rockets.

This show typically lasts about 30 minutes.
Suitable for family audiences and children aged from 5-11 years.

How Much does it Cost?

As a rough guide, my basic rate is typically £ 450 per day, plus travel and accommodation expenses (if required).

In one day I can perform several shows - typically a total of about 2 hours performance time.

For venues within about 100 miles of my home (Morpeth, Northumberland) I can offer part-day rates.

For a more accurate price, please contact me for a quote (see below)..

How to Contact Professor Brainstorm

To book a show, get a quote, check availability or if you simply want to find out more information,
please contact Rick Turton (aka Professor Brainstorm):

Phone: 01670 515944 or 07950 244673
(from outside UK: +44 1670 515944 or +44 7950 244673)


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